Today, Hong Kong media burst into an anemone.

Today, Hong Kong media burst into an anemone. Xiong Shulin is 37 years old and has a twin daughter under caesarean section. To see that, the husband and wife paid great attention to this child and not only was admitted to the top private hospital, but also invited the star doctors in the circle to take delivery. It is expensive.

Reviewing Xiong Yulin’s love story and his 8 years of love and long-distance running with Aaron Kwok were crushed by the “broken shoes theory”. Fortunately, after the collapse of the king’s dream, see the situation, while there are still markets, rushed to catch the Hong Kong star Guo Keying’s brother. From the time they were exposed, to the receipt of licenses, to the birth of a child, the total of them was less than three years, and the efficiency was amazing.

In order to open branches and leaves, Xiong Yulin is also enough to fight Although this time through the artificial conception of pregnant twins, directly to achieve the “three-year hold the two” goal, but it is said that the second child will be chased until it is embraced by his son.