According to the Spanish team’s journalist

According to the Spanish team’s journalist Joaquín Maroto, the Spanish coach Lope Teji has basically confirmed the World Cup 23 Nineteen people from the NPC list, while Fabregas, Torres and Mata have basically missed the World Cup.

In the afternoon, the Spanish national team coach Lope Teji will announce the big list of March training, which is also the last training before the World Cup. According to Joaquín Maroto, a journalist of Spain’s “Aspen” responsible for the news of the Spanish Football Federation and the national team, Lope Tejiji has basically confirmed 19 of the 23 seats in the World Cup. If there is no accident, these 19 players will definitely participate in the World Cup: Degea, Reina, Kepa; Carvajal, Pique, Ramos, Alba, Nacho; Busquets, Iniesta, Silva, Saul , Cork, Tiago, Ascension, Isco; Morata, Aspas, Costa.

while the remaining 4 places will be from up to 21 The players competed for the competition. These players included Pedro’s two World Cup feats, as well as Porto in Girona and Alessandro Sola of the Royal Society:

Asenhoe, Rico; Adrioso Sorola, Roberto, Bartlera, Xavier-Martinez, Aspirí Quetta, Monreal, Alberto Moreno; Ilya Ramondi, Su Souza, Luis Alberto (Lazio), Bitolo; Vazquez, Rodrigo (Valencia), Callejón, Pedro, De Ulofiu, Mariano (Lyon), Porto (Girona), Gerrard Moreno.

There are no two lists of 40 people here. Torres, Villa, Fabregas, Mata and other famous names, their possibility of being selected for the World Cup has been very slim.