Shandong Luneng’s match against Henan Jianye,

Shandong Luneng’s match against Henan Jianye, many Luneng fans are worried that the team will continue to play a warm role, allowing Jianye away from the edge of demotion to take away three points away. Jianye’s personal ability to rely on Bassogo’s first half to win the game seems to confirm Luneng’s concerns. Just when Luneng fans lamented that the team was again defeated by the relegation team when it was not strong at home, Jin Jingdao played an eye-catching role in the new season. Relying on Kim Jong Dao’s second-placed Luneng, Luneng defeated visiting Jianye by a 2-1 reversal.

Now Luneng is behind the top spot in the Super League standings At one point in Hong Kong, there is already a great deal of hope to attack the Super League champion this season. There is no doubt that Luneng’s biggest victory in this game is Jin Jingdao. When he was interviewed after the match, he was able to score two goals and was lucky. Kim Jong Dao’s modest expression made the fans more admiration. Everyone understands that Jin Jingdao was able to appear twice in the nearest place to the goal, and he was running tirelessly.

Skinny Jin Jingdao runs Luneng every game The most distance players. Both the outside world and some Luneng fans feel that Jin Jingdao can establish a foothold in the team, and the most important thing is to rely on running physical fitness. In fact, this argument is very one-sided, Jin Jingdao can stand firm in the highly competitive Luneng in addition to running or personal strength outstanding. Kim Jingdao, who was born in 1992, is the captain and core player of the 91 National Youth Team. This time, the National Youth Team has gathered a large number of talented players such as Wu Lei, Zhang Xizhe, and Peng Xinli. In this case, King Jing can become the captain and midfielder core, relying on his outstanding talent and ability.

In the 91 National Youth Team Jin Jingdao is the midfield engine and command Officials have also made wonderful moves to score goals for the Saviour. It was in the outstanding performance of the 91 National Youth Team that attracted Shandong Luneng’s attention. Shandong Luneng spent a high price on introducing him into the team. Jin Jingdao found that the front court competition is too fierce after coming to the teamBoth are high-level foreign aid and first-rate international players. His own so-called talent and ability is not enough to allow him to play the main force, so King Jing Road began to focus on playing the advantage of playing undead, in the highly competitive Luneng has its own place. Since Jin Jingdao came to the team, he was trusted and liked by every Luneng coach.

Jin Jingdao of the season has still got the respect of the new coach Li Yanpeng. Unlike other coaches who value Jin Jingdao’s defensive ability, Li Xiaopeng keenly discovered Jin Jingdao’s offensive talent, so Li Zengpeng will follow Jin Jingdao’s post by an engineering type. Waist, position premise became an offensive avant-garde. This change allowed King Jingdao’s offensive capabilities to be fully activated. He became the most threatening point for Luneng’s offense. It is Jin Jingdao’s ubiquitous running position that makes it difficult for him to find out where Jin Jingdao is playing in the field. Both defense and offense can see him flying. A player with such characteristics as Jin Jingdao should play well in the new season. The national football technical and tactical system lacks players with clear characteristics such as Jin Jingdao, and hopes that he will have good performance in the country in the future.