The Shandong Luneng in the eighth round of the

The Shandong Luneng in the eighth round of the Super League defeated Jianye Henan by 2:1 and achieved three consecutive victories. In this game, Luneng had a reversal victory in the R&F competition. Luneng played badly in the first half of the game, and the attack was not a threat to Jianye, and the loophole appeared in the defense. Jianye striker Bassogo passed the ball through the team and scored a goal. This ball Dai Lin also made mistakes, knowing that Bassogo is fast and there is no advance foul. In the second half of the game, Luneng played well and Jin Jingdao scored two goals. The first goal was very lucky.

Jin Jingdao said in an interview after the match: The ball is luck and it’s bombarded. The ball was indeed lucky. He first bounced at the Jianye goalkeeper, and then he bounced onto Jin Jingdao’s leg and stuck to the post. With this fortunate goal, Luneng had a great momentum and made a series of fierce offensives to win the victory. This process is very similar to Luneng’s game against R&F. Luneng said after the R&F competition that Li Xiaopeng also had a good luck with the Shandong team.

Actually, both games have a common character, that is, before the game The pre-match posters of R&F and Jianye were all taken from Taishan. R&F is that the mountain is not high. It means that Yuexiu Mountain is more famous than Taishan because he has immortals. Jianye is no mountain can not challenge, Zhang Wai-long’s face is painted larger than Taishan. Before these two games, I wrote an article separately, pointing out that Tai Taishan had done a mischievous job and suffered a significant increase in his loss. Both games also proved this, Luneng’s luck is good.

Luck and Luck, Maybe There is an air of invisible traffic. Chinese civilization has a long history, numerous mountains and rivers, and the people of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Five Sacred Mountains all deserve to be feared. Can Mount Tai of the Five Sacred Mountains be airless? How can you use it casually? Of course, luck is also based on strength. If there is no change in the second half of Li Yipeng, there will be no outstanding performance of King Jingdao and Tardelli.Shandong is not likely to win.