Barcelona wins 1.5 million euros to win the

Barcelona wins 1.5 million euros to win the prize

This morning, Barcelona beat Deportivo 4-2 to advance ahead of La Liga. Champions, while Barcelona also received a 1.5 million euros prize from the sponsors to win the championship.

According to the “World Sports News” report, because Barcelona won the La Liga championship, they will receive a bonus from the chest advertising sponsor Japan Lotte Group, the amount of bonus is 1.5 million euros.

The contract between the two parties stipulates that Lotte will provide Barcelona with a bonus of €1.5 million when Barcelona wins a La Liga championship, in addition to providing a fixed sponsorship fee of €55 million per year to Barcelona. If Barcelona can win the Champions League, then the bonus will be added 5 million euros, but because Barcelona has already been eliminated in the Champions League, they have missed this bonus.

The sponsorship contract between Barcelona and Lotte Group was signed until 2021. Theoretically, Barcelona will receive 2.08 euros in sponsorship fee plus bonus income.