According to news on April 30, 2018, this

According to news on April 30, 2018, this morning, the self-built three-storey residential building in the Zhengzhou Hi-tech Zone collapsed, and more than 10 people fled. One was buried and later rescued, confirming no danger to life. The report is as follows:

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It is now possible for the Internet to search out a large number of infrastructure projects that have collapsed due to poor quality and even caused injuries or deaths. As for the series of problems caused by quality problems in public facilities, we will not discuss them and we will be responsible for tracking and handling. For the self-built houses, only the parties suffer due to the quality of the bitter fruit, plus the family members. If this is not the daytime, it is the evening. The family is falling asleep when they fall asleep. Isn’t it a drop. The parties should be fortunate not to be in the evening, but also very fortunate to not harm anyone.

(Image courtesy of the Internet, nothing to do with this article)

As can be seen from the report, the house is not a reinforced concrete frame structure, but rather a silt wall tile with a hollow cement board structure. If this structure is one floor, it may last for more than ten years, and it also has three floors. It is really for the owner of this building. At the same time, it is lucky that you are lucky enough.

Building a house is a major issue for the Chinese people. He is not a professional plasterer. He must consult with his neighbors to build a house. There is nothing to lose. . To avoid things happen too late.