Put on your water wings, folks, because we’re

Put on your water wings, folks, because we’re gonna get wet. This month’s leader is Harald Hardrada of Norway. The map is Island Plates, which is several large and more small islands with a lot of water. The other twists this time around are a Standard sized map, which means more competition, a Legendary start, and a 300 turn limit. If you’re not efficient at your chosen victory path, you’ll wind up with a score victory.

Naturally the Vikings have lots of seagoing bonuses: early coastal raiding, cheap melee ships, no movement penalty for embarking/disembarking, early ocean travel, and longships. Berserkers appear alongside Pikemen, and are strictly for offensive use. They are fast moving, have a massive attack bonus and a massive defense penalty.

They also have a Stave Church. I have no idea what that is.

The “legendary” start position doesn’t look super legendary to me, but it does have a lot of production, two different luxuries, and several bonus resources.

(Click for 1080p)

This time, instead of starting with a save file, we’re starting with a configuration file. This has a couple of benefits: it lets you activate some quality of life mods that can’t be loaded after the game is saved*, and it lets you change the difficulty before starting the game. If you want the same basic starting conditions as everyone else, though, don’t change anything else.

If you aren’t familiar with configuration files, they’re easy to use. Put the configuration file in your Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Saves/Single directory. Start the game, select Single Player, then Create Game. On the create game screen, resist the urge to press the jolly, candy-like button labeled Start Game. Instead use the Advanced Setup button, which doesn’t really look like a button, located above the Start Game button. Use the Load Configuration button on the advanced setup screen and select the configuration file. After it loads, in the Players list you should see Harald and a bunch of random leaders, and the map options should be as described above. This time you may press the beautiful, shiny button to start the game.

The config file download page is on Google Drive, here.

* Yay! Build queues!