Entropion, The Eyelid Turning InwardsEntropion

Entropion, The Eyelid Turning Inwards

Entropion Definition

Entropion is characterized by the winding of the lid inwardly. Then the eyelashes touch the eye, causing various symptoms and complications. Entropion mainly affects the elderly.

Entropion Causes

In most cases, entropion is a consequence of the relaxation of the suspensory apparatus of the eyelid (muscles and tendons are relaxed). More rarely, entropion is caused by damage to the upper and lower eyelids as well as cramps in the eyelid. In tropical regions, the scar entropion is a common cause of blindness. This is due to scarring trachoma (infection of the conjunctiva).

Entropion Disorders (symptoms)

Entropion Examinations (diagnosis)

Improper positioning of the eyelid is obvious and needs no further attention. If necessary, the doctor examines the conjunctiva and the cornea to detect the possible presence of a lesion or ulcer. If infection is suspected, it proceeds to a smear.

Entropion Treatment Options

A slight and transient entropion caused by wearing a bandage or a brief eye inflammation may be treated as follows: a tape or a few stitches pull the eyelid down. Thus, the eyelashes are off the eye and the symptoms subside.

A persistent inversion of the eyelid requires surgery to avoid complications (see below). The procedure involves removing the muscle fibers close to the eyelid and sometimes part of the eyelid, and reattach the muscles in the suturing.

Entropion Possible Complications

If entropion is not made on time, various complications are the visual acuity in danger :

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