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SAN DIEGO, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stimulants, cannabinoids, opioids, among the others, are the categories of substances which many people are addicted to. Whatever reasons a certain addicted person has for taking any substance generally do not cover up the fact that drug abuse is bad. Moreso, any form of drug abuse can cause serious health problems that may be physical, mental, psychological, or emotional, or any combination, or worse, all of these. And, it is usually not just the involved addict that is affected, but also the other family members and the friends, as well as society. is partnered with to help people struggling with addiction get the treatment they deserved.

But why do these people take drugs in the first place? Although no two addicts can have the same reasons for taking or trying out drugs, the common causes of substance abuse are peer pressure, belonging to a dysfunctional family, poor coping skills over personal problems or grief, having a low self-esteem, alcoholism, and just wanting to try drugs. What is most alarming these days is that the ages of those who take drugs seem to get younger and younger. By and large, these addicts commonly start by smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol or both. Then, while having a smoking or drinking session with friends, they begin to experiment with drugs, thus the beginning of the addiction.

Typically, an addicted individual does not want his or her family to know. However, if at least one family member is quite observant, there will be aware of telltale signs such as lack of appetite in eating, continuous sleeping, feeling of extreme tiredness, physical and mood changes, among many more. Subsequently, a confrontation will occur, and the concerned addict may or may not admit. All in all, even if there is no admission, the family should already intervene; in fact, ideally, there should be intervention as soon as the first signs are observed. Then, whether it is alcohol abuse or drugs abuse, it is very vital that the addict is taken to a treatment center regardless of the willingness level. No matter what the situation, the severity of the addiction, and the visible effects, there is a treatment facility that can answer the needs and save the addict’s life.

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