There Is A Fine Line Between Recreational Drug

There Is A Fine Line Between Recreational Drug Use and Abuse of The Drug

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SAN DIEGO, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Is there a good definition of recreational drug use? This is usually defined as a situation where the legal or illegal use of drugs is limited to recreational use or social use of the drug. The abuse of a drug would imply that the drug is taken over and above the recreational usage to the point of taking more than a person can usually physically stand, usually resulting in addiction of the drug. If you or your loved one struggles with drug addiction, please visit to see a list of .

Most societies allow the use of alcohol as a way to “get away from things” for awhile, as it is a legal drug, and is acceptable in most societies. In this way, people can take a small break away from the pressures of life, and to relax for a little while. Alcohol, however, is frequently abused as human nature figures that if some are good, then more is better.

Some people want to escape their reality, and they find that the use of drugs is the best way for them to do just that. To do this, many individuals will use legal or illegal drugs to elevate their mood to levels that take them into a “new reality” which gives them a “high” or a temporary feeling of exhilaration and euphoria.

There are also situations where people will take legally prescribed drugs in doses that are higher than the prescribed amount in order to produce a high for temporary relief from stress. They may take more than is necessary at the end of a regimen of a course of treatment, which can lead to an addiction.

To name a drug as a recreational drug can almost be using the word out of context because any drug that is used outside of a normal prescriptive treatment could be termed as recreational, or abusive. This begs the question as to the terminology, and the distinction could probably be better explained as “prescribed” and “non-prescribed” as better explanations of the situation.   The Recover offers a unique, affordable clinical model for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, called “residential outpatient” rehab.

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