This Fine Wire Knit Scrunchy sleeve can be pulled

This Fine Wire Knit Scrunchy sleeve can be pulled down over the hand and pulled up the arm for an elegant but dramatic look. It is almost weightless and takes the place of a glove for a night out or can be pushed together to look like a funky bangle.

You pull it on over your hand, it will stretch to fit you  and conform to your own arm. You can also gather it up and scrunch it again. It is very comfortable, a personal favorite of Sarah’s…she forgets she has them on.

This item is made of fine wire knit and is hand painted after oxidization to be colorful and fun! The actual material is called SNCUFE. It is an iron-core industrial knit coated in copper and then tin. We plate it again or oxidize over the existing finish. The iron in the metal adds a springy quality to this fun bracelet. It is sealed to protect the finish.  It can be collapsed to lay flat. Excellent for travel!

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This wire mesh designer jewelry piece is…

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